Financial Decisions

Meet the Latina pros teaching women to close the pay gap by investing

These Latina finance influencers have had different money journeys, but they all have common goals—and foes, including the biggest money challenge facing women today (spoiler: It's investing).
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How would you do in a financial Olympics?

The Olympics may be over, but if you were to participate in a financial Olympics, how would you score?
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5 Key takeaways from Biden’s extension of student loan relief

On Friday, the Biden administration announced that it will extend the student loan pause, which was previously set to expire at the end of September, to January 31, 2022.
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3 reasons to make Roth IRA conversions early in retirement

Saving for retirement throughout your career may have left you with investments in several different types of accounts. 
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4 Factors to finding your ideal retirement withdrawal rate

The amount of money you spend in retirement is a crucial factor in determining the type of lifestyle you will live. But it's also important for ensuring you don't run out of money.
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Is saving 10% of your salary enough for retirement?

Saving for retirement would be a lot less complicated if we could rely on a standard rule, like saving 10% of our annual income, but unfortunately, it's not that simple.
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Is financial literacy on your teen’s schedule? Here are the skills they need to know

April is Financial Literacy Month. How much does your teen know about finances?
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President Biden signs $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan

What does the American Rescue Plan entail and does it affect you?
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Voya Celebrates African American Pioneers: Maggie L. Walker

Maggie L. Walker was a pioneering entrepreneur, civil rights and women’s rights activist and the first woman of any race to charter and become president of a bank in the U.S. — the St. Luke Penny Savings Bank.1 She overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles to transform the state of banking in the middle of Jim Crow. Maggie L. Walker dedicated her life to closing the wealth gap and to empowering all Americans to achieve a more secure financial future…one penny at a time. This is her story.
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Voya Celebrates African American Pioneers: Madam CJ Walker

This is an account of Madam C.J. Walker, an African-American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and social activist. She rose from poverty and was the first documented American female self-made millionaire recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.² Madam Walker created a beauty business hiring black women as a means to support themselves, and provided a needed service to her community. She donated generously and supported the NAACP to help stop lynching and empower future African-American lives.¹ This is her story.
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Voya Celebrates African American Pioneers: Oseola McCarty

This is an account of an amazing woman by the name of Oseola McCarty, an African-American cleaning woman from Mississippi who saved over $150,000 during her lifetime and then donated it to a scholarship fund at the University of Mississippi for deserving students who otherwise may not get the chance to go to college. She was also a Presidential Citizens Medal winner and inspired others to give. This is her story.
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5 Tips for making smart investments this year

Building wealth this year needs focus and dedication because investment trends have changed as people develop creative ways of making money. You need to remain focused, dedicated, and with the right knowledge to make a great investment that will give you a bang for your buck.
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