Financial Decisions

Navigating market volatility with dollar cost averaging

As you are well aware by now, the stock market has had some volatility these past weeks. While these shifts can increase anxiety, here at Voya we know a few things for sure. No one can predict what the market will do and when.
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Shook up by market volatility?

The market may fluctuate but focusing on things you can control will help you resist the urge to react on impulse.
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457 contribution limits for 2021

Employees of state and local governments can stash the same amount of money in their 457 plans in 2021 as last year. Plus, those who are 50 and older can make “catch-up” contributions.
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How to prepare for an unusual tax season

A year as unusual and challenging as 2020 means there may be some additional factors that can impact your tax return, from stimulus payments, potential job changes and unemployment benefits, to virtual work transitions and more.
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Are you allocating your money accordingly?

Planning for your financial future can be exciting, stressful and sometimes downright confusing. 
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Three ways financial professionals are like personal trainers

Plenty of activities are “good for you,” but not always pleasant. Some of these habits also translate to retirement planning and investing. 
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