Financial Wellness

Funnel more into your 401k and IRA with catch-ups

Is it time to start making catch up contributions? Read this article to learn more.
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Five of the most important ages for retirement planning

As you approach and enter retirement, make sure you know what to do and when to do it.
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Trim down your spending habits for a healthier life – financially

The way we spend money is very similar to the way we eat food. If something looks appetizing, we consume. Sometimes we can go overboard and indulge too much. That’s when the unhealthy aspect kicks in. As it pertains to food, you begin to gain additional weight – financially, the additional expenses that you’ve created for yourself begin to weigh heavily on you. When that happens, then it may be time to shed some pounds to get back on the right financial track.
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Stacked Rocks Financial Zen

5 tips for achieving your financial Zen

When you imagine your financial future, what do you see? No more credit card debt? A larger nest egg? Finally having some spending cash? To make that vision a reality, you need a plan.
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5 Tips To Take Your Holiday Spending From Frightening To Affordable

Is your holiday spending budget in place? If you’re like most American retail shoppers, it may be far more than you anticipate.
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5 credit tips for new college grads

Congratulations! You made it through college armed with a degree, and hopefully a job.
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April is Financial Literacy month: Five ways to “Celebrate” with your kids

Financial literacy is essential for daily life. And yet, many parents are intimidated to talk about money with their children, while others may be eager to cover basic concepts but aren’t sure when or where to begin.
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Guide to 401(k) and IRA Rollovers

When you switch jobs, one key task is transferring your regular 401(k), Roth 401(k) or another tax-advantaged retirement plan. Here's what to consider.
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