Culture Counts

How corporate culture is a differentiator.
Senior Vice President and Insurance Investment Solutions Leader

As an asset management professional for more than 20 years, one thing I never truly appreciated until joining Voya two years ago is how corporate culture is an often overlooked, but critical, component to our business model.

My view of how important culture was to a successful business began to change when I came to Voya. The open communication among all levels of the organization was like nothing I'd seen before at other companies. Everyone has heard the phrase "my door is always open," but for the first time in my career, I witnessed it happening and felt it was true, not just words or a saying shared in a quarterly update. This solidified my beliefs about how corporate culture can be a game changer.

For Voya, I think this dynamic is one of the advantages of being a comparatively smaller company. A saying I've heard within the company about Voya is that we are "big enough to matter but small enough to care." That's really a great way to describe us. We have a high degree of sincerity within the marketplace and our customers see that and refer us to others.

And, of course, it all begins with our people. The employee engagement factor increases significantly if you create the right culture. And once you get your culture right, which admittedly takes time and effort, the employee engagement you achieve leads to increased creativity and problem solving, which ultimately leads to providing smart ideas for customers on how to manage their portfolios within the complex investment world we live and breathe every day.

At the end of the day, these softer, less-quantifiable attributes can't always be measured in terms of a spreadsheet or a complex, mathematic algorithm. But they can be one factor that creates ongoing success and can help foster an environment where you have a true partner not only providing a steady stream of ideas, but also an honest assessment.