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Suddenly, everything changes. Are you protected?

When you are healthy and moving along in your life, you often don’t think what could happen – if something were to happen to you. No one expects an illness or an accident to occur, but when it does – how long could you continue paying your bills without exhausting your assets or going into substantial debt?


What if there was a way to protect yourself and the ones you love? There is, and it begins with a plan.

Financial wellness is about the healthy balance between living for today while preparing financially for tomorrow. It’s not necessarily about being wealthy. It’s about achieving a state of well-being where you live within your means, feel confident in your future, and are prepared for the unexpected. The first step to proper financial protection is to know what options are available. Then, see what your employer offers. From there, you may want to consider bridging the gap and purchase individual supplemental insurance when employer insurance is not enough.  

What are you options?

With health, disability and life insurance you can preserve your savings, provide a replacement income and pay unexpected bills if you suddenly find yourself unable to work or with large medical bills. Ultimately, having the right coverage for your stage of life will safeguard one of your greatest assets – you and your ability to earn an income. The more you know, the more you can make informed decisions because it’s important to protect yourself and all that you’ve earned, so you can protect the ones you love.

Bridge the gap

So how much insurance do you really need? Once you determine what type of insurance coverage suits your circumstances, you will want to learn about how much coverage is enough by talking with a financial advisor or an employer benefits professional.

Start by taking advantage of any insurance benefits at work. Enrolling through your employer means premiums are often lower. Some even offer supplemental policies for purchase, which are then portable and you can take them with you if you leave that employer. Supplemental insurance also covers other sources of income like bonuses or commissions, especially if they make up a significant portion of your income. Additionally, individual policies can help bridge any gaps by providing the portable protection you need when you need it most.

Life happens. Be prepared; be sure to get the insurance protection you need so you can continue to live the life you’ve envisioned.