LGBTQ+ Community – Progress in the face of inequality

While there are plenty of stories emerging from this past year about the LGBTQ+ community with its immense personal, economic vulnerabilities and inequalities, there were just as many positive stories of love, advancement,humanity and hope.

The headlines are full of courageous people within the LGBTQ+ community, along with their supporters who are standing up and standing out with courage and conviction with a renewed sense of purpose. Whether these acts of courage are personal or principled, each act of bravery by the few help power the progress of the many.

Headlines reported by both the LGBTQ Nation as well as The New York Times are listed below. We encourage you to visit the links and read the many positive stories that will uplift, restore faith and bring hope to all those still fighting for dignity, respect and equality. Here’s to the remarkable resilience from those advocating for equality and justice.

Some recent good news from LGBTQ Nation: ¹

  • White House supports marriage equality
  • Courageous police officer allegedly fired for being lesbian ran against her boss, the Sheriff and won
  • Touching Starbucks ad acknowledges a transgender teen changing his name
  • Black lesbian political powerhouse named Kamala Harris’ chief of staff
  • Gay widower wins historic victory for social security benefits
  • Expanded LGBTQ candidates successful entrance into national politics
  • Supreme Courts supports work equality for LGBTQ+ community
  • A big social media #thankyouPete for Pete Buttigieg’s bid for U.S. president

Some recent good news from The New York Times: ²

  • Biden Administration restores rights to transgender patients
  • German Catholic priests defy Rome to bless gay couples
  • State Department authorizes U.S. Embassy’s to fly the Pride flag during Pride month
  • Caitlyn Jenner announces run for California Governor
  • Dr. Rachel Levine’s Rise – as the first openly transgender assistant secretary of health
  • Netflix media is more diverse than mainstream movies
  • The House Passes Sweeping Gay and Transgender Equality Legislation

Making progress one moment at a time…

Come as you are, leave feeling better


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² The New York Times, Spotlight, last accessed May 12, 2021