Post-pandemic mega trends likely to stick

Americans by nature are a people moving forward and always looking ahead to the good.

Even during immense loss there were positives that came from staying at home all year. A cleaner environment, more time with families, for better or worse, more self-awareness and purposeful self-care of our mental health and well-being with a global reset on what matters.

There were also a lot of adaptations we all had to make. Home transformations and digital acceleration happened, while supply chains stumbled and life styles changed for many good and bad. 2020 exposed many things such as systemic inequalities, wealth gaps, lack of American manufacturing, loss of employment and access to healthcare and climate change. Virtual connections, e-commerce, working from home and virtual learning advanced.

Brand activism, civil rights movements, environmental awareness and sustainability emerged. Consumers deciding that corporations needed to change for good and stand for something other than profit. So we stood up for those who were marginalized and increasingly became thoughtful in our actions and shifts in our behaviors ultimately, shifted our social climate.

Many of these things are expected to stay with us. Some of us are cautiously delving into extravagance while others living with great uncertainty will likely use thoughtful frugality.

Self-care is up and paid subscriptions to wellness, fitness and entertainment continue. It is estimated more people will prolong working from home and an uptick in dining out is setting the stage for more reopening’s to come.

Life as we know has been altered and here are some emerging megatrends likely to stick post-pandemic:

  • Spending on luxe is on the rise and with many Americans having amassed a decent savings, 50% of people say they will be treating themselves soon. ¹
  • Health and wellness is here to stay – the pandemic brought an awareness like no other time in history on the importance of physical, mental and emotional health. This trend is likely to morph into a permanent shift for many. ¹
  • Continued use of e-commerce is expected to endure. Many will continue to purchase essentials and non-essentials online.¹
  • Experiential in-store experiences are poised to meet the pent-up need to go shopping and is expected to skyrocket. ¹
  • Working from home will continue to evolve with some companies moving toward hybrid office environments. ²
  • Rise of brand activism - customers expect brands to stand for something, contribute back to communities, treat workers fairly and practice sustainability authentically and consistently. And they’ll be watching and voting with their dollars. ²
  • Merging of the physical and digital worlds as people want the convenience of spontaneity, like being able to order a coffee through and app and then sit in an outside venue or take a walk in nature. ²
  • Brand Flexibility – people want brands to become more flexible and offer 24-hour service to meet the demands of their new more fluid lifestyle. ²
  • Life balance - greater health and safety, self-awareness and re-prioritization of work-life balance are here to stay

While the pandemic may have changed the cadence of our lives, these shifts have now become trends and will likely continue. Which ones do you think you and your family will utilize? Which ones do you think will stick?

Come as you are, leave feeling better


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