The great resignation

We’re hiring. They’re resigning. Where have all the workers gone?

Last month I went to my local Starbucks. It was 1 o’clock PM. They closed. All of the workers walked out.

In July, disappointed workers trying to get management’s attention at a Burger King in Nebraska put up a sign on the chain’s kiosk that read: “we all quit” and “sorry for the inconvenience.”¹

The great resignation is in full swing and has hit its highest levels since 2000.³ By April of this year alone a record 4-million people quit their jobs, according to the U.S. Labor Department. ² The reasons are many but for some, they are rethinking life, reassessing what matters. The pandemic gave us all plenty of time to consider what work means to us, how we are valued and how to spend our time.²

The pandemic has given us good reason to change the direction of our lives. ² For many, burnout, poor working conditions, low-pay, the demands of family and children is real. The desire to start something new or the realization that life truly is short and it may be a “now or never” tipping point moment.³

Some people, are leaving for better pay and less stress. Others may have worked in jobs that weren't a good fit but were waiting out the pandemic before they quit. Some left after having amassed a decent savings and in some cases were making more money on unemployment and with stimulus money than at their former jobs. And some workers are leaving positions because they fear returning to an unsafe workplace.²

Americans had a chance to see how different their lives can be and are embracing it. Shifting careers, locations and attitudes. Learning to prioritize their lives in meaningful ways and putting family and health first. Thinking about those who have suffered the most this past year – I am all for anyone pursuing a better future. After all, we only have this one life.

What changes have you made for the better?


Come as you are, leave feeling better


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