Top 20 things you can do now

If you’re being honest, how healthy do you think you are? Everything from mental, emotional, physical and yes, even financial health?

Well if you are like most of us, especially after this past year, you could use a little help in one or more of these areas.  Finding balance in our lives can be one of the more challenging aspects of living. The choices we make every day add-up. It can be the difference between just living and living well.

So what can you do right now to get healthier?

Here are some simple tips you are likely familiar with – it’s always a good refresher and who knows…maybe you will try one or two to see how it works for you. Here’s to you - adding more years to your life and adding more life to those years!

  1. Find what makes you smile with joy. (Do more of that, often)
  2. Move daily. (Not just to the fridge)
  3. Socialize more. (When you safely can with the ones you love the most)
  4. Live life on purpose. (What gets you jazzed, your reason for getting out of bed?)
  5. Have a little faith. (It matters not the religion or spiritual belief, it helps us all to believe in something more)
  6. Get your Zzzzzzzz’s. (As much as you can, 8-hours is typical for best rest)
  7. Find a partner in crime. (Committed dynamic duos in a loving bond can add more to our lives)
  8. Prevention is the cure. (Revisit your fridge. Check out the Blue Zone, secrets of the world’s healthiest people, read on: ) ¹
  9. Be Pawsitive. (Unconditional love on demand ;) If you are thinking about adopting a pet, learn more here:
  10. Be mindful. (Learn to be present in the moment and breathe)  
  11. Build resilience. (Practice mindfulness, relax and love yourself more)
  12. Give more. (It feels good)
  13. Spend less. (It feels good, really it can)
  14. Save more. (It feels really good to build up savings)
  15. Love more. (It feels amazing)
  16. Do more fun things. (It feels great)
  17. Be playful. (Be a kid again)
  18. Create something. (Magic can happen)
  19. Get happy, help someone else. (When you get outside of yourself, you feel better)
  20. Prioritize what matters most (spend more quality time with loved ones and be present)

Come as you are, leave feeling better


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