Sharing the wealth for global health

There are times it seems humanity is divided. Geographically, culturally, politically and socio-economically.

We are all different, yet we share a common bond. We all belong to this world and share this one amazing human experience. This past year Covid-19 demonstrated its sheer disregard of boundaries and has one way or another, affected all of humanity. Despite the losses, there was a lot of good that has emerged as well. This past year has given us all a chance to be better, do better and come together as one.

This remarkable aspect of humanity emerged in so many ways. Hope replaced fear in the form of a much needed vaccine. And as with most things in life sadly, all is not equal. There are billions of people without vaccine access and that awareness alone has yielded pledges from around the world to give to those who need it most.

Most recently, President Biden has agreed to share the wealth for global health pledging over 80-million doses of vaccine to countries in need. Leading the world by already exporting an initial 25-million doses with more to come. Add to this the donation of $1.3 billion from the MasterCard Foundation over the next three years to support vaccine distribution and access.¹

Another notable effort was the recent Global Citizen Vax Live concert to reunite the world that took place in early May 2021. Its sole purpose was to share the wealth for global health by sharing the vaccine around the world with the goal to eradicate the virus. There was a very powerful line up of celebrities, musicians, and even royals. With a message of hope and cameos from world leaders including President and First Lady Biden, to not only thank all those who bravely sacrificed and served the afflicted and affected, the overall message encouraged others to give more and for world leaders to take action. This, so a fair distribution of the vaccine, a basic right for all, could continue.² To see how you can help or to just watch the concert, go to the replay here.

According to, the outcome of this concert was influential as it helped mobilize $302 million in funding and secured over 26-million vaccine doses for global support. ³

Progress will take time but you can monitor efforts with the Tracking coronavirus vaccinations around the world, an interactive global tracker developed by The New York Times and updated daily. As of this writing, more than 2.45 billion vaccine doses have been administered.₄ It is refreshing to see that even when unfortunate things occur, the best of humanity always shows up, sharing the wealth for those who need it most.

Come as you are, leave feeling better


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