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Everyday wellness: New year, new extended relief for Americans

January ushered in a new year, a new president, and for some a sense of renewed hope. But for millions of Americans, January also ushered in renewed anxiety.
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COVID-19 Tips for the Special Needs and Disabilities Community

In times of crisis, Americans pull together and work to support at-risk communities. The COVID-19 outbreak and the corresponding shutdown have changed the lives of nearly every American, but the disabilities and special needs community is particularly affected. Through its Voya Cares® program, Voya is here to help with some specific ideas, resources and solutions that you can take action on today.
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Parents should follow their smart financial advice — not just give it to their kids

Before parents tell their kids how they should plan for the future, they should be prepared with solid advice—advice they’ve incorporated into their own financial planning, regardless of which life stage they’re in.
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Potential ways to accelerate the growth of your net worth

Assuming that there is no change in a person's spending or professional income and assuming that they are spending less than they earn and doing something productive with it, then over a long period of time a person's net worth should start to accelerate. But what if it doesn't? Take a look a this case example to learn more.
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Stick to the plan when markets correct – it’s normal

It has been good – maybe too good – with a shift to an economy that has unleashed growth.
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Voya celebrates Black History Month 2021

At Voya, we celebrate Black History Month to pay tribute to the generations of African-Americans who came before us. Learn more about some of their stories.
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